Wendy Bevan is a Singer, Lyricist, DJ, Visual & Performing Artist, expressing her ideas through a vast array of media that spans musical performance, film, photographic visual imagery and immersive, experiential artworks. She is a visionary that strives to maintain a multidisciplinary approach to her work.

Residing in London but, often travelling and working between Paris and Milan Wendy has exhibited and performed as a solo musician/artist, throughout the UK and Europe. Appearing on the stage at top music and live arts festivals such as SPILL Festival of Performance, Latitude, and Secret Garden Party she has performed at venues such as the ICA, to London's Hackney Empire as a solo artist, and in recent years with her band Temper Temper. She has also worked extensively as a performer, with theatre companies such a Punchdrunk; in their London shows, and their cult New York hit, 'Sleep No More'. Bevan has also made an appearance in a handful of feature films and is often photographed as a fashion muse for various photographers, namely Irina Ionesco, Koto Bolofo, Paulina Otylie Surys, Martina Scorcucchi, Jesse Laitenen, & Sayaka Maruyama and artists including Neal Fox (Le Gun) & illustrator Izzie Klingels.

Wendy has explored all genres of music as a singer, from Jazz, Neo-Classical to Gothic Pop, Dark-wave and with her 4 octave range, has developed a powerful vocal approach of her own, which has been compared to that of Diamanda Galas meets Nico via Kate Bush. She has collaborated and worked with some leading music producers & artists including Paul Simm (Neneh Cherry/Amy Winehouse), Richard Frennueax (Laura Welsh), David McAlmont and Howie B (Bjork/Tricky) and award winning Jazz trumpeter Matthew Halsall. 

She is currently developing her new solo music project with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) in Paris, which will be launched later in 2015, at Silencio, the Parisian nightclub opened by David Lynch in 2011, where Wendy has been invited to curate a night launching her work, and her collaborations with other artists she works with.

Since 2009 Wendy has collaborated with award winning song writer & performer Seiriol Davies, the former pianist in Temper Temper. Wendy will be performing a selection of their new songs at the David Roberts Art Foundation, London (DRAF) in March 2015 amidst their surreal, cabaret inspired exhibit the Violet Crab.

For the last decade, Bevan has also regularly contributed as a photographer and visionary to leading, international fashion publications from I-d, POP Magazine, to Vogue Italia; photographically her ideas have explored the identity of women, her obsession with the iconic female image, and the characterisation of the femme fatale; often using fashion as costume and the photograph as the stage. Amidst her photographic portfolio, she has taken portraits of female icons; Debbie Harry, and Tilda Swinton.

Wendy is often commissioned for her surreal self portraits, where she is fully able to explore her love of glamour, dressing up, character and mellow drama. Her diverse approach to the 'fashioned' self portraiture has become a notable part of her vast photographic portfolio, that echoes her unique style visually and in her musical performances.

Wendy most recently exhibited new images, film, music and words from her 'Saints Don't Sleep ' project, at the IMPOSSIBLE space in Paris, January 2015.

A selection of more abstract self portraits from her show 'Slow Light', which opened in 2014 at London's COB gallery, as an exploration of the self portrait captured through her signature polaroid film, triple exposures, light and music, showcasing her ideas through photographic prints, projections, and a music installation created from her violin. One of the installations from Slow Light will be on show at the new Soho Revue Gallery, opening its doors for the first time in April 2015.

She is currently working on her first solo album, which will be launched later in 2015, and continues to DJ a mixture of gothic avant garde, dark wave, ambient electronic beats, drone, neo-classical and post-punk music, making special appearances at private events and gallery openings, to Pop Up's and Club nights.

Watch out for one of her songs 'Hanging on the Wire' to be featured on the new Reg Traviss feature film Anti-Social, which will be released in May 2015.

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